I am a graphic designer, photographer and artist. Welcome to my online portfolio.

Contact: dana@danamathis.com
Do you get excited about fonts? Well I sure do! I have been a creative person for most of my life. It seemed to have started early when I was in elementary school. I remember always gravitating to the creative option on my school projects. Choosing the diorama, making a drawing, or some other craft that went with the project.
I studied at San Diego State University and majored Fine Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design.  I didn't start my professional career directly in design. I worked in the lending industry after college as an Outside Account Executive. I was on the wholesale side of the business and my clients were mortgage brokers looking to place their loans with my company. As a rep I needed sales materials that easily conveyed the features of our products. Here is where I was able to us my design skills and created flyers and brochures that my whole team would use. 
I left the lending industry and worked for an advertising agency as a marketing coordinator. Here I worked with the agency's clients to manage their advertising programs with the agency. I relayed to our graphic designer what the client was looking for design wise in their ads and oversaw the final output. Unfortunately the agency was hit by the recession and closed shop. I then went to work for a beauty products distributor as a Brand Manager. Here I was more involved in the marketing of the brands I managed. I also designed our team’s sales materials including flyers, brochures and invites.
In 2010 I had the opportunity to jump out on my own and co-found a company with my husband. It was a very exciting time. I felt that all my prior work experience and knowledge helped create our company to be a success. During this time I also attended UCLA, Cal State Fullerton and Orange Coast College. At UCLA I took marketing and public relations courses, completed a Certificate in Event Management from CSUF, and at Orange Coast college I competed professional photography classes.
My core responsibilities as the Sr. Graphic Designer / Managing Director / Co-Founder are producing graphics for photo prints, web content, email marketing campaigns, lead and manage 6 employees. I have collaborated with over 1500 clients on their design work including high end clients such as SpaceX, Disney Channel, and Neutrogena. I am also responsible for achieving over 200 five star company reviews on multiple websites.
I also do freelance graphic design, photography and am just getting into video editing. I enjoy my work  not only for the final outcome of creating something great, but the actual journey that comes with it to get to my final destination.  When I work on a project I find enjoyment in every step. It's almost as time flies when I am designing...guess I am having fun and doing what I love!

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